NBA News and Trade Rumors

nba news and trade rumors

NBA News and Trade Rumors

NBA news and trade rumors are both fantastic sources of information. When you read about players with the biggest names, they are just that; listed by their true talent level. You will also see so called “factors” such as age, injury, and contract status, among others. All of these factors affect a player’s ability to play the game, but not all of them can really be relied upon to determine how good or bad a player is.

Most NBA fans, especially those on the other side of the fence, are never aware of the fact that NBA trade rumors are merely stories and information. In other words, they are totally made up. They are not based on any facts. Those that write these stories often tell tall tales to sell the story.

All of the rumors in NBA are similar to one another. They include: player gets hurt; player gets traded; player has a change of heart; player wants out of his current team; player gets traded for a player who wanted out of his current team. This list is endless. The differences between these lies in how they were created.

The most widely read NBA trade rumors tend to be those that have credible sources. These sources are not just people at the press box or the talking heads who get pulled in front of the camera to spout a couple of lines to get some attention. These sources are the players themselves, or representatives of players.

For instance, if the well-known players like, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, or LeBron James wants out of their current team, these teams would often find themselves scrambling to make a deal. The players themselves know this and would usually hold a “position meeting” with executives at the owners’ meetings. Once the meeting was over, there would be deals to be made that included sending their player off to some team that may not even exist yet.

On the other hand, those that have a reputation as professional sources are far more believable. These sources tend to take their orders from the players. Players tend to prefer them over any other source because these players do not have a “viewpoint” of the owners meetings.

It should be noted that all of the NBA news and trade rumors are true. The NBA news and trade rumors that have been spread throughout the Internet are completely false.

However, the NBA news and trade rumors are true, because the players themselves tell them to be true. For those that say “nonsense” about the NBA news and trade rumors, well I would say that they know what they are talking about, but no one else does, including the players themselves.