NBA Trade News: Why Dealing Kyrie Irving For Russell Westbrook May Be The Move Of The Year

Cleveland sports fans, and everyone else for that matter, has been glued to the NBA Trade Ticker throughout the league’s history. The constant reports, the player rumors, and the player rumors. NBA Trade News Lakers, indeed. The very thought of a superstar moving from one team to the other, leaving his teammates behind, sending valuable players to the bench, and all for the sake of a top draft pick was enough to rock the boat in any NBA city. But the bottom line is: There is no constant player-trading in the NBA.

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So why do NBA trade talks revolve around such ridiculous topics? Well, it seems that owners and general managers are afraid to take a chance on unproven college players who have just started to turn pro, or are injured. They are afraid that they will lose money by signing a player who doesn’t produce on a nightly basis or doesn’t contribute when given a handful of minutes per game. Some owners are even scared to death of giving top picks to other teams in the hopes that their star player will leave town, too. This is how bad the worst-case scenarios have become in this league, and it is why I can never understand anyone who expects the NBA to be fair.

Why do you think the Cleveland Cavaliers called off their entire training camp and championship series against the Indiana Pacers after Game 4? Because they were worried that Indiana would run away with the series in a sweep. And they needed a guarantee that they would get their desired result – an all-star game in Cleveland. Now you may wonder why Cleveland would even bother going through all that trouble if Game 5 goes the Cavaliers way and they don’t win the series in four straight. In fact, I don’t think anyone is expecting a Cleveland comeback any time soon, so why risk dealing away favorable picks for nothing?

The problem with Cleveland’s recent slide has been labeled the” Kyrie Irving drama “because the spotlight has been focused on this star point guard since his trade to Boston. Kyrie Irving is playing lights out, posting numbers that no man has ever posted, and coach Doc Rivers seemingly has no idea how to get his best player the ball in the paint. He has openly discussed his frustration with the lack of touches, which is understandable considering the amount of talent that Kyrie has. But how does he perform at such a high level when he is not getting the touches that he desires? This is the most popular topic around NBA trade deadline day, but there is more behind the scenes intrigue that most fans don’t know about.

The biggest intrigue surrounding the Lakers at the moment surrounds Dellano and what he might be able to offer them in return for Kyrie Irving. Many league sources have suggested that the Bucks will give up anything they can for Dellano, including a first round pick and perhaps more. Could the Bucks be dangling a large offer sheet in front of them for Kyrie right before the NBA draft is held in June? Could the Bucks be using that offer sheet to make an offer to the Cavs for Kyle Lowry? It certainly seems possible that the Bucks would be doing this, but if so, how come we haven’t heard of him in trade rumors?

Most of us have our own theories as to why NBA players are being traded so often, but this year’s top prospect, Russell Westbrook, has barely made it out of camp and is in the midst of training camp. NBA trade talks have been swirling around Russell Westbrook all summer long, and now that he has reportedly found a new home in Oklahoma City, it appears that all of that pent up attention is on him and his new team. The latest news on Oklahoma City Thunder may just change the direction of all NBA trade talks and probably cause a few more Russell Westbrook rumors in the process.