NBA Finals Prop Bets

nba finals prop bets

NBA Finals Prop Bets

The NBA Finals is coming up and it will be exciting to see the two great franchises go head to head. With this being the last season of the Chicago Bulls and the Houston Rockets before the NBA free agency, it will also be a lot of fun. Both teams have been contenders throughout the years, and this year they will play for the championship. With this being the case, many people are trying to put their wagers into place so they can have some nice wins at the right times.

With the NBA finals being played between two of the top teams in the league, there’s no doubt that there will be plenty to discuss when it comes to NBA finals prop bets. If you haven’t already learned, this is a combination of three things; the teams’ record, the injuries, and the performance of the players. This is just the basic combination of the three though. Once all of these aspects are taken into account, it is then time to start making predictions and betting lines for the entire series.

The first thing to consider when betting on the Chicago Bulls or the Houston Rockets is the overall record of each team. Since the teams are evenly matched when it comes to record, both have a chance of winning. However, the Rockets have an advantage since they have a better regular season record, while the Bulls have the edge because of their great run through the playoffs. However, even if the Bulls win, it won’t be by a huge margin because they’re a long shot to beat the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the finals. So it all boils down to how well the two teams play each other, and who is going to win that game.

Now, with that said, it is important that you know what teams are considered the underdog when it comes to the NBA finals. The San Antonio Spurs are considered the underdogs, because they have a lot of talent but they haven’t really had any success in the playoffs. They have a solid core, but don’t have one star, which is something the Rockets lack.

The Houston Rockets are considered the underdog in this NBA finals, as well, because they don’t have the same type of star power as the Chicago Bulls. However, James Harden and Dwyane Wade are two very good players that can put on a show in any game. This team has a lot of potential, but they will have to prove that they belong in this series. If the Chicago Bulls make the playoffs this year, this may be a great series to watch and a great rivalry to be a part of.

As far as the Bulls are concerned, this is a great series to bet, as long as they don’t make the playoffs, but as long as they’re the underdogs, they should do well. They have a very talented roster with a lot of potential and have been very successful in the past. With that being said, this is a great time to pick out NBA finals prop bets, and if you know how to bet, it should be a great bet.