NBA News Trade Rumors – A Short Primer

For people who are new to the NBA news trade rumors, this might seem like an all-encompassing article, but that’s the best way to think about it. There is a little of everything in here, and you might want to make sure you have a few friends with you so you can get opinions on what they’re hearing.

nba news trade

First off, this article does not cover all of the trade rumors going on today. The NBA news trade rumors will cover the daily trade rumors that are going on right now, as well as the nightly ones that are going on. Then there are some obscure trade rumors that don’t get as much play in the main news sources, but they do still play a role in the sports world.

As far as the NBA news trade rumors go, they happen almost every day. People are always speculating about the next trade, and they continue to do so, even when players are suspended or put in their places for games. The only time this stops being a problem is when the person making the comment is a player that you don’t really care about.

In the NBA news trade rumors, we’ll cover a few notable trades over the last month. From the most recent to the recent, we’ll cover the Chicago Bulls trading Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Clippers selling Chris Paul to the LA Lakers, and the Nets trading Deron Williams to the New York Knicks. You can find the links below, where you can also read about some of the other notable trades from that time period.

The Bulls and Timberwolves have been battling it out for a while, and the trade seemed to cause more bad blood than anything else. Bulls’ fans have been chanting “We Want Jimmy!” for months, but for Timberwolves fans, it was quite a shock.

The Los Angeles Clippers, who has alot of money in their coffers, decided that they wanted to be in a position where they could take back players like the Chicago Bulls. They wanted to make it clear that they were a team for whom anything they didn’t already have was fair game.

Chris Paul’s release was pretty surprising, but now that the rumors are flying, we see that the rumors are actually true. He was given a four-year, $100 million contract by the Lakers, but at the last second, he decided that he wasn’t ready to play for a losing team.

The teams mentioned above are just a sampling of the NBA news trade rumors going on at the moment. Make sure you pay attention, because sometimes, the decisions that are made about which players go where aren’t exactly good ones.