NBA Trade News Is Keeping You Up All Night

NBA Trade news is what’s keeping us all up at night, so here are the hot topics for today. The Cavs are the favorites to take home the Larry O’Brien trophy this season, while the Celtics are trying to get past the first round of the playoffs. Don’t miss out on all the latest NBA trade news and rumors, from the Los Angeles Lakers sending their top pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Shaq deal to the Chicago Bulls getting Carlos Boozer from the Denver Nuggets.

NBA Trade news is all about the players that are going where they want to go. This includes Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks, who is in desperate need of scoring after a slow start to the season. Melo is known for his ability to score from anywhere on the floor, so he’ll be an excellent fit for New York. Meanwhile, the Cavs are adding some much needed defense with the additions of Tinsley, Wallace and Pierce.

The Houston Rockets are looking to trade Chandler Parsons for some offense with no real talent on the wing. But, what Houston will really need is a big strong, rebounder to replace the presence of Yao Ming. The Celtics have been linked to both Carmelo and Tyson Chandler, so don’t expect either of them to stick around. The other rumor floating around is that the Miami Heat could make a run at DeMarre Carroll. The Pistons have been unable to work out a deal with the Blazers, which means that they’re stuck taking him or he goes elsewhere.

With the arrival of the basketball season, NBA Trade news also covers the free agents that have decided to take advantage of the situation. The LA Lakers is reportedly one of the teams that are making a push for Pau Gasol, but other teams are waiting for him to make the move before they get in on the action. In addition to the Lakers, the Miami Heat are also said to be in on Pau as well. But, it’s not looking good for either team at the moment. Kobe Bryant has signed a three-year deal with Nike and is expecting to return, while Pau is still trying to prove that he can still play at a high level. That could mean that his free agency will not be as fruitful as those that went before him.

The Chicago Bulls are going to add another quality piece to their defense by acquiring Carlos Boozer from Denver. The Cavs are hoping that Tinsley can be a solid rebounder, but he is known more for his passing skills. or his ability to score. The other rumor is that the Boston Celtics is shopping for a point guard, but it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers has acquired him as part of a bigger deal.

There are a few big NBA Trade news stories that should keep you up at night this week, so stay glued to your television set. It’s almost too difficult to miss the trade news because it seems to happen all of the time. If there is any good in the NBA trade news, it’s that the Cavs are going to take home the Larry O’Brien trophy for the third straight year, but there is always bad.